Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Standard Banner Size for Website

Standard Banner Size for Website, today i will give you a basic how to make banner ads for website. There is many type and size of banner ads. Internet ads have as main advantages over traditional advertising its lower cost and its ability to target and tailor personalized way selling message with greater segmentation to different demographic groups that make up your target audience. Internet is ideal to reach a particular audience type, is a niche market. You can reach anyone if advertised at the right website.

Types of animated ads

Animated banners, must be in .GIF or .SWF and weigh 150 KB or less. In some places, the weight can not exceed 50 KB.
The .GIF format offers the advantage of working without the end user's browser from a web site to have Flash Player installed. Also such an Iphone.
While in ads in Flash (.SWF), the animations are better and have higher capacity, but with the difference that the banner requires Flash Player, which causes a low percentage, the ad does not show. To address this, many of these banners have a backup in .GIF.
The animation in both cases must last 30 seconds or less. This can be looped, that is, the animation is repeated several times, but within 30 seconds.
The animated .GIF must be 5 frames per second, or less, while in Flash, supports up to 20 frames per second.

Types of static ads

The images of the banners can be in .JPG, .PNG and .JPEG format.
The .jpeg and .jpg format are virtually the same. These are special for images with lots of colors, with a wider range.
The .PNG format is used when the number of colors is less, for example drawings, graphs or illustrations.

Ad sizes

As explained by Google Adwords on your site, the ad sizes are measured in pixels and can be of the following sizes:

250 x 250 square. This type of ad can appear above, below or to the side of the website.
200 × 200 Small Square. Like the previous one, can appear above, below or to the side of the website.
468 x 60 can be top, middle or bottom of the site.
728 x 90 Leaderboard. Like the above, can be on top, middle or bottom of the site.
300 x 250 inline rectangle. It can appear above the side or bottom of the page.
336 x 280 long box. It can appear above, beside or below the website.
120 x 600 Skyscraper. May appear on the left or right side of the page.
160 x 600 Skycraper wide. Like the foregoing, may appear to the left or right side of the page.
300 x 600 Ad half a page.

Usually the response rate in the Online advertising is higher and the involvement of the visitors with our website after clicking on an ad is higher, since that happens to have an active position. Finally, the response to online advertising campaigns can be measured and analyzed (using tools such as Google Analytics), allowing us to adapt and optimize them for best results. Standard Banner Size for Website

Monday, May 26, 2014

10 Tips for Creating a Successful Banner on the Google Display Network

Gives Google AdWords on your blog a few tips to create a banner to succeed in Google Display Network.

If we want to get a banner on our goals AdWords, your ads have to grab the user's attention, convey key information, and encourage the user to click and explore our website.

With these tips offered by Google achieve successful marketing campaigns promoting Display.
10 key tips to make a banner that incites click:
1. Call to Action

A phrase call to action encourages users to click on the ad and clearly lets you know what comes next. Direct calls to action such as "Buy Now" may be too common and insistentes.Mediante indirect calls to action such as "Scan Now" or short phrases as "The Journey of Your Dreams" help promote the action without requiring a firm commitment .
2. Call to Action in Each Frame

Include a call to action and key message in each frame of your ad and especially in the final frame. This ensures that no matter the time in which the user watches the ad, if he does so it will find a call-to-action.
3. Undertaking Company or Brand

Keep your brand or product logo in front of users in all frames. This will highlight the brand and increase credibility, increasing your CTR. If it is not possible to include the logo on every frame, at least do it in the final frame.
4. Pricing & Promotion

The more information on the price that a user can get from the ad, the better. Consider the possibility of offering promotional prices to the public, with discounts and offers support discount codes can help grab attention. If users do not like the price or terms of the offer, they will not click on the ad.
5. Proposal Value

Includes a clear and compelling message highlighting the benefits of the product or service. If the ad is animated, would be well to consider submitting a proposal for a value in each frame. Users should feel that they are missing something by not clicking.
6. Sense of Urgency

Create a sense of urgency in the banner, referring to the deadline or limits on the amount and availability. This can persuade users to consider the message immediately.
7. Coordinate Colors and Images

Customize ad colors to match your logo image, and use easy-see colors for backgrounds and lyrics. Very bright colors can be annoying and difficult to read. The transparent images in PNG format can improve the aesthetics within the ad.
8. Balances Text and Images

Text and images fail to convey the message. The text and images are processed by different parts of the brain, so the smooth integration of both, can help influence cognitive and emotional spectators. Complementary texts and images can help viewers to remember your ad long after seeing it.
9. Patents Relevant Destination Page

Directs users to the most relevant landing page where the product or service described in detail. The message on the page should match the message or promotion banner. This has a positive impact on users, improving conversion rate and Quality Score. Remember to match the look & feel of the ad to the landing page.
10. Launch an extensive network

Create your ad in all standard sizes or formats to ensure you reach every corner of the Google Display Network. Some sites cater to a specific size formats. With a complete range of ad sizes the chances that the banner appears on all sites will be improved.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Download Professional Marketing Banners PSD Files

How often we design a good logo for our website, but without some knowledge of graphic design is sometimes an almost impossible task and often end up copying an existing banner, that's why now we have a website that allow us to create our own designs for a very practical way and with minimum knowledge in graphic design to have a high quality banner.

Download this pack of banners for editing in photoshop. It comes with a default layout for the taking as an idea or just to modify it. Each banner of this pack is the most common standard size for use in web pages. Download banners and improves the visibility of your website through a professional banner design!

Have a look at the quality collection of banners below but...before you do...here are some great features:

  • Fully Layered PSD Files
  • Extra "Bits" (Buttons, Badges, etc.)
  • Web Ready Files (.jpg)
  • Personal And Commercial Use
  • You CAN Use The Images On Banners! (HUGE Value)
  • Links To Fonts Used
  • Much More...

Each set of banners comes in 13 different sizes: 
300x250, 336x280, 250x250, 200x200, 125x125, 468x60, 728x90, 120x600, 160x600, 120x60, 120x90, 120x240, 180x50

The image of your company is very important and should be promoted in a professional manner. Advertise your business using advertising banners designed by Professionals, attracts customers and position your brand on the Web.

For different categories of professionals present on the internet as bloggers, companies, freelancers, digital identity is related to the graphic identity. A relationship that is important for creating logos or professional looking banners. 
a logo or a banner are two essential elements that are currently several ways to use: customizing a business site or blog, customizing your avatar in LinkedIn , Viadeo , Twitter , Facebook , etc, added visual element to the electronic signature of a email professional visual element added to documents published on the Internet ( PDF , presentation SlideShare , etc..)

I really recommend the results page are very professional, and end of the banner can download or embed in your website.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Instant Banner Graphics

Instant Banner Graphics - Create powerful marketing graphics for your blog instantly. 
The success of many online advertising campaigns depends partly a good banner. A good banner is not to be defined by the creativity of the design but because of the potential for attention getting for many users to click to reach the advertiser's website.

Create a banner without Photoshop
Especially SMEs take as an excuse not to display campaigns that lack the designer or the budget to do so. How many times have I heard this: "We would like to campaign with banners but do not have Photoshop to do it." This excuse is one of the 4 most common of SMEs do not display online advertising . When you have read this post open run out of excuses. I present a way to create a banner without being a designer and also in minutes.

Instant Banner Graphics - The Fastest Way to Create Banners Online, No Photoshop or other softwares needed   This is one of MemberSpeed's all time best selling courses and it's now exclusive to JVZoo at a jaw dropping special introductory offer price - Expect MASSIVE CONVERSIONS!

The best part, you can create unlimited graphics and in dozens of different styles.
NO Need for Adobe Photoshop or Other Software
DO EVERYTHING Inside Your Web Browser
Edit All of The Text to Create Your Banner Graphics

Best Logo Creator Software

Best Logo Creator Software, Creating your own images just got easier! You can modify them ANY way you wish! Change fonts, change the background, import your own images … or use any of the 300 built in objects to make your design really pop!

No Learning Curve!
Create Logos and Page Headers!
Marketing Graphics!
Unlimited Revisions!
Mac And Windows Software

The Logo Creator is the ultimate software for creating powerful logos, blog images, podcast covers, eBook images, Facebook timeline images and SO much more! No Photoshop, Nothing to Draw. 

1. Over 200 Logo Templates to Modify!
2. 200 templates! And you can personalize and Customize each and every one of them
3. Hundreds of Amazing Logo Elements
Just drag and drop any of the 300 logo elements that come built into the software right onto the canvas!
4. The Ability To Import Images
Yup! You can import your own images too! Import your photos and add a nice text overlay onto them! Import custom graphics from the web that closely match your business! 
5. The ability to create Page Headers Blog Images and More
The Logo Creator is more than just a logo creation tool. Whatever you need graphics for – This awesome design tool can help you create….
6. The License to SELL what you create!
That’s right! SELL the images you create with the software! Once you purchase The Logo Creator, you’ll also have a license to offer highly compelling and in demand solutions to your clients!

The company logo is a visual representation of what it means. In this sense, the perfect logo is one that is able to convey to our customers and suppliers our values, our corporate culture and what our vision.
Create an attractive logo, therefore, is not an easy task and many companies often delegate this work in specialized communication agencies. However, if resources are scarce, we can follow these tips.
The logo of our company is a key part to create the first impression with our potential clients and partners perceive our company. A good logo can build loyalty of our customers, provide the basis and our brand image and give us an image of seriousness and professionalism in our industry. And with a little creativity, our emblem can transmit many of the positive values of our company.

There are basically three types or classes of logos. A first group includes those in which raw text on the other graphic elements. Logos like IBM, Microsoft and Sony, are basically typos. A second set of logos is based on illustrating some of the features of the company. For example of a logo that we see reflected in the silhouette of a house poemos deduce that it is a real or a builder. Finally, a third group of logos, and abstract are primarily symbolic, such as the Nike.

Before you start designing our logo, we articulate the message we want to convey. To do this, we can write one or more sentences that illustrate our slogan or what is the same thing what do we want to convey to our customers? Seriously?, Trust, innovation? Our logo will change radically in terms of the idea behind it. So before you start ...
Research how are the logos of your competitors
Focus on the message
Simple and functional
The name of your company will affect the final result
Use your logo to illustrate your greatest asset
Never use a clipart
Avoid avant
The cost of color
plastic or cardboard are important limitations in the use of color, so you need to keep this in mind.
Use and legal protection of our logo

Best Logo Creator Software

Thursday, January 17, 2013

270 Banner Ads Graphic Design - Banner Ninja

270 Banner Ads Design From Banner Ninja - The success of many online advertising campaigns depends partly a good banner. A good banner has to be defined not by design creativity but by the potential of getting attention for many users to click to reach the advertiser's page.
Banner Ninja (Editable Banners) - Grab our set of editable banners and sky rocket your sales.. and save 100's on graphics designers..

- CTR is EVERYTHING! Boost Your CTR INSTANTLY! In media buys and banners CTR is all you need to focus on to get lowest costs and best quality traffic!

- 10+ banner variations with same copy in minutes! Just copy and paste your text, save banners and start split testing! Make split-testing quick & easy!

- 30 Cash-Sucking & Persuasive Banner Templates (PSD + PNG) - Triple your profits instantly with these cush-sucking banners that will explode your CTR, save money on advertising and make positive ROI.

- 9 Most popular banner sizes per each banner variation. That's in total 270 unique graphic templates! All done for you, just copy and paste your text and plug into your ad network! Banner sizes: 336x280, 300x250, 250x250, 200x200, 125x125, 728x90, 468x60, 120x600, 160x600.

A banner is an image that occupies part of the screen, and the most common is to place banners on web pages.

How is the busiest web where you place the banner, the more likely that people who visit this site are set in our advertising.

When as doing commercials for internet through a banner, it is appropriate to recall here is not like in the highway, where much larger the poster, the better it looks.

Here too big a banner fails to attract attention, but people do not get that most want to visit the page where the banner.

The banner must be placed in harmony with the page that is embedded and should attract attention, but without disturbing.

Those most often meet this objective are animated banners, especially those that include a mini game like a maze to fill, and that when you win the mini game, the prize is related to what you want to advertise.

Commercials are widely used these days, as they are very helpful in promoting products or services in different locations online. While browsing through the Internet, you may be able to see many banner ads that are embedded in various websites. From this, most advertisers enjoy the luxury of that banner ads do for them. By simply posting banner ads on sites populous, business owners and advertisers are opening the door to a new way to increase their profits.

The hardest part in advertising through banners is to put them in the wilderness but promising domains. There are several ways to improve site traffic that can allow more people to see banner ads that have been published. One way is by posting links to related websites. This can be done by participating in forums where you can mention the website where the banners. Another way is to comment on blogs and people who drive to the location of the banners. Finally, it may involve the publication of articles related to their flags and items must contain a link to their standards. Most of these methods can be used for free to all, while some may require you to spend some money.

From banner advertising is also an investment, you should do is make sure you get all the benefits of this technique of business promotion. To help you decide which method to make banner advertising, you should consider the following tips.

For starters, you can purchase the pay-per-click advertising for his flag. Using this service will only charge a small fee per user that clicks on the banner. This is a better option than the flat rate because it is low priced. Advertising banner flat rate usually requires about $ 10 to $ 15 dollars for ads that are distributed on the Internet.

Select banner advertising for positions article also is more beneficial for you. This is the reason that the banners are more attractive to potential customers. It has been found that Internet users are initially attracted messages instead of flags article.

When deciding where to place your banner ads, you must ensure that embedded in sites that are related to what you are promoting. Also, choose the location where you can capture your customers. For example, if you are selling a game console, you must put it in places where children and techies can easily find.

These are just some of the ways how you can benefit more with banner advertising. By properly following these tips, you can be at ease and let your banner advertising do all the work for you.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Download Program To Make Banners

Download free program to make banners. Banner Maker Pro is a program that lets you easily create images for web (banners, animated buttons, logos ...)

It is easy to use program with which you need only design knowledge to make your animations. Just go by following the steps in the wizard you.

This way you have created professional graphics yourself in minutes. Then save your creations in GIF or JPG and you are ready to be added on your website.

Best of all, no need to use design experience.
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